Mav's Gear


Mav's Gear started out as "Mavericks Safety and Protection Services about 6 years ago when there was a gap in the market for airsoft equipment in the Eastern Cape as there was no airsoft store in the Eastern Cape at the time. we joined forces with airsoft suppliers in the Western Cape and Gauteng and we have had a very successful run. With this said, all companies need to expand their product range for the customer and in line with their requirements. we have expanded into stocking quality real-world gear as you are well aware and have also started Stop the Bleed training as well as stocking Stop the Bleed equipment along with all forms of Tactical gear that our clients may need. We saw the need to have a brand change as well as move forward, enter "Mav's Gear", we take pride in our brand and want to see it grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible quality gear and train as many people as we can in the life-saving Skills of Stop the Bleed. Coupled with excellent product knowledge and service, we wish to serve the customer as best we can.

Independent Distributor for Eastern Cape

Tel:  071 442 1549

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