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Let’s be honest. Most products we buy today are designed to last through a single fashion cycle. If we’re lucky, that's a year, maybe two. As a society we’ve become conditioned to expect very little from our clothing. When it fails, we throw it out, and buy another one. When GRIP6 was founded, they had one goal- make the best belt that’s ever been made. They define success a little differently than most companies. They want their belts to look good, function better, and last longer, than any belt you’ve ever worn before. Though they’re getting close, they are still working to improve every aspect of the design, and that process will never stop.

They manufacture all of their products in Salt Lake City, out of materials that are 100% sourced from the USA. Their hands-on manufacturing approach allows them immediate control over the manufacturing process. They are constantly evaluating the procedures and their product to find ways where they can improve.

The end result is a web belt that we proudly stand behind. A belt that we all wear, every single day. When you purchase a GRIP6 belt, you are buying into a company that is committed to producing a product that exceeds your expectations. We want to thank our customers, both old and new, for your support and your feedback. Let us know if there is anything we can be doing better. In the meantime, we’ll keep working to make the best belts on earth.

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When it comes to your tools it’s all about trust. Mechanix Wear's commitment to hand protection has earned the trust of millions of hardworking hands around the world.

It’s a commitment to anatomical design, industry leading material technology and rigorous testing standards. A commitment to looking beyond conventional ideas with the drive to innovate the most advanced tools for working hands. We believe every toolbox is a signature, a testament to skilled hands.

Wiley X was established in 1987 by U.S. Veteran Myles Freeman Sr. with a focused determination to create the world’s best protective gear for those that protect us.

As pioneers in protective eyewear, Wiley x believe there is a singular way to make gear for the world’s harshest environments. Decades of innovation and design refinement have taught them that you never cut corners. You take care of those you’re supposed to protect. You stand behind your promises. You constantly innovate. And you don’t let up. Ever. That’s the only way to make sure that products continue to inspire confidence in everyone that wears them. Regardless of the situation. In spite of whatever they encounter.

Wiley X have built their company, brand and reputation by creating products that deliver uncompromising protection, and they always will.