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Wiley X

WX Ace Polarized - Bronze Gloss Tortoise Fade Frame


Gloss Tortoise Fade frame combined with lightweight Polarized Bronze Polycarbonate lenses is among the favourite choice for sports enthusiasts. This model is perfect for people, who like to follow fashion and catch the attention in a discrete way wherever they go.

The polarized lens provides the user with a better vision and allows the eyes to feel more comfortable and well rested. Most users will find polarized lenses immensely helpful in improving the clarity and quality of their daytime vision.  Polarized Wiley X lenses reduce glare and the special material and filter make it easier to see into the water and therefore also makes it ideal to watersports.

The Wiley X Filter 8TM Polarized Bronze polycarbonate lenses is for superior visual definition. Increase contrast, enhance ground level contours in most light conditions. The WX polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection and is coated with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating protected by the T-ShellTM scratch resistant layers.

FEATURES ANSI HVP EN.166 S Polarized RX Ready
COATINGS Hard CoatingHydroAnti Reflective
LENS COLOR Polarized Bronze
FRAME COLOR Gloss Black to Tortoise Brown
HEAD SIZE Medium - Large
FRAME SIZE 64/18/130