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Wiley X Prescription Glasses

Wiley X Prescription Orders

Wiley X offers two alternatives for people who need prescription glasses to choose from.


RX Insert

RX inserts fit directly behind the Wiley X standard lens and clip into the nose piece of compatible frames and can be used in the Wiley X range of goggles too. RX inserts offer the following advantages over prescription lenses.

  • Easy and cheaper to replace an outer lens which has no prescription
  • The RX insert makes us of a standard ISO lens which means that it can use a standard lens available from most optometrists
  • Everyone can use the safety eyewear
  • Up to 5 different front lens colour options - allowing you to adjust to any given light condition.

The PTX insert can be used in the following models:


RX Inserts

Order an RX Insert

Prescription Lenses

The majority of all of the Wiley X frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. The lenses are manufactured by Shamir whose attitude lenses are specifically developed for the Wiley X 8-base curve frames. The result is individually customised lenses that offer crystal clear vision in any given situation while providing the same crucial protection as the non-prescription lenses developed by Wiley X.

Lenses are available as polarised and non-polarised

The vision has a fundamental role to all our performances in life. If your vision is not 100 % corrected you will compromise. With a Wiley X prescription spectacle you will both protect the eyes and enjoy all forms of activity.

The RX program enables simple ordering and delivery of single vision and progressive corrective lenses through your authorised Wiley X reseller.

Prescription Lenses are available for the following frame styles:

  • WX Aspect
  • WX Boss
  • WX Nash
  • WX Omega
  • WX Rebel
  • WX Saint
  • SG-1
  • WX Tide
  • WX Titan
  • WX Vallus
  • WX Valor
  • WX Wave
  • XL-1 Advanced
  • XL-1 Advanced Comm

 To view all available frame styles please click here

The lenses are available with different lens coatings and other options such as mirror finishes. 

Lens Coatings

  • HMC Coating - Front & backside anti-reflective + Hard scratch coating. This coating comes as standard on all orders
  • Glacier Coating - High premium anti-reflective + Improved scratch + enhanced antistatic + Super hydrophobic coating
  • Glacier Plus Coating - Improved High premium anti-reflective + Improved scratch + enhanced antistatic + Super hydrophobic coating
  • Glacier Sun UV - High premium anti-reflective + Improved scratch + enhanced antistatic + Super hydrophobic coating
    • Front and rear surface achromatic AR coating prevents reflection for the sun's UV


Mirror coatings

The outer layer of the Power Mirror features 

  • Hydrophobic: Repels water, so stains are easily wiped off
  • Oleophobic: Repels grease, so fingerprints are easily wiped off

Mirror coated lenses are available in the following colours:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Red

 To order prescription glasses we will need the following information from your optometrist

  • Sphere (SPH) 
  • Cylinder (CYL)
  • Axis
  • Pupil Distance (PD)

All prescription orders are supplied directly from Wiley X and are made to order.

Delivery in most cases is 2 weeks from date of order.

You can download and complete the attached order form and we will be able to give you a quote for your order.


Prescription order form