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Wiley X Prescription Glasses

Posted on June 24 2019

Wiley X Prescription Glasses
To place an order to get a quick quote for your latest pair of Wiley X prescription glasses please follow the next few steps

Step 1 - Choose your frame
Wiley X is the only company whose entire range of frames is ANSI safety rated, this means that they have all met or exceed the requirements for ANSI High-Velocity Impact and ANSI High Mass Impact protection. Wiley X frames also carry an EN. 166 safety rating.

Step 2 - Choose your lenses
All of the lenses carry an EN. 166 safety rating and also meet the ANSI safety requirements for High-Velocity Impact and High Mass Impact. Lenses are available in non-polarized or polarized and are available with a mirror coating in some styles.

Step 3 - Choose your coating
All Wiley X prescription lenses come standard with HMC Coating
Front & backside anti-reflective + Hard coating. They do have other coatings available to suit a variety of applications.

Glacier Coating - High premium anti-reflective + Improved hard scratch + Antistatic + Hydrophobic coating

Glacier Plus Coating - Improved high premium anti-reflective + Durable hard scratch + Enhanced antistatic + Superhydrophobic coating

Glacier Sun UV - Improved high premium anti-reflective + Durable hard scratch + Enhanced antistatic + Superhydrophobic coating
Front surface: An achromatic AR coating
Rear surface: Prevents reflection from the sun's UV

Step 4 - Carry case
All prescription orders come standard with a hard shell carry case, however, there are also a lot of other options for you to customise your order for your particular application.

If you only wanted a quote you are done now! Simple as that, when you are happy with your choice please carry onto the next step

Step 5 - Prescription information
We would suggest going to your optometrist and getting your eye examined before going ahead and placing your order because this order is going to be specifically made for you we won't be able to exchange them once the order is placed.

You will need the following information for each eye:
Sphere (SPH) +/-:
Cylinder (CYL) +/-:
Pupil Distance:

Step 6 - Terms and conditions
Please accept the terms and conditions, this explains that we are unable to alter or change the order once it is placed for production with Wiley X. If you have any special requirements you can also tell us about them here.

Step 7 - Order confirmation
Please double check the information you have supplied and when you are happy you can go ahead and place your order.

When you check out of the store please select the prescription order as the payment terms. We will send your order off to the Wiley X team to make sure that everything is in order with the order before we proceed. Once we have confirmation from them we will send you confirmation of the order along with our banking details for payment.

In most cases, delivery will take 10 to 14 days from receipt of payment.